Key Personnel

Terin Jenks

Payroll Manager

Terin Jenks

As Payroll Manager, Terin directs EPRG’s team of Payroll Specialists and completes all the payroll tax returns and quarterly reports. She also works directly with clients to understand their needs, explain EPRG’s services and then set them up as new clients.


Terin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Accounting from the University of Louisville. Prior to joining EPRG, Terin worked for 7 years at an area CPA firm, where she discovered that payroll is her favorite part of accounting.


When the opportunity to work for EPRG opened up in September 2010, she jumped at the chance. “Not only would it cut my commute by two thirds, it was an opportunity to manage an up-and-coming payroll company that has tremendous potential,” says Jenks. At that time, EPRG had just been launched as a new division of Rodefer  Moss & Co. with the vision of serving the payroll needs of small to mid-sized companies throughout Southern Indiana and beyond – no matter what CPA firm those businesses use.


“At EPRG, we have the same capability of the big national firms, but with much better customer service and deeper on-staff expertise. We all recognize that the client comes first. When a call comes in, in most cases we take care of the question or request immediately.“


This focus on service plus the experience and knowledge of the EPRG staff, and their investment in advanced payroll software, is enabling EPRG to become the preferred payroll service in the New Albany, Clarksville and Jeffersonville, IN.


“I love my job. Everyone here is so friendly and really likes serving our clients.” In addition, Terin actually likes filling out tax returns. “I know it’s strange, but I really enjoy doing the quarterly payroll tax returns! I love it when everything checks out and verifies that all the payrolls we did during the quarter were correct.”



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